Luxury Brand Faces Backlash for Using Celebrity Lookalikes in Latest Ad Campaign: 'Budget Was LOW'

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Taylor Swift; Ariana Grande

Alexander Wang's latest ad campaign has fans seeing double.

The luxury fashion designer is raising eyebrows with a new promo video featuring internet personalities who are famous for how much they resemble a famous celebrity—and fans are beginning to get creeped out.

The clip, posted to Instagram last week, shows doppelgängers for Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner unboxing the brand's Ricco bag, which just recently came back in stock.

But instead of drawing eyes to the fancy leather bag, fans couldn't get past the models who were chosen for the ad, each of whom looked like they could be a clone of their celebrity twin.

"This is creepy and lowkey impersonation," one person pointed out on X, further alleging that the celebrities "should all sue" over the video.

"It's giving cease and desist," someone else wrote in the comments of the Instagram post, while another wondered, "What in the bootleg celebrity is going on."

"oh the budget was LOW," one fan quipped on X.

Ironically, the brand shard the video to Instagram with caption about their purses being "100% certified authentic"—which is definitely more than we can say about the models.

"This video is diabolical," another fan wrote on Instagram while another called Alexander Wang's new campaign "messy af 😂."

Others, however, thought the marketing team at the fashion house still deserved some praise for the idea, which has certainly garnered some applause over the bold concept.

"Marketing team needs a raise 😂😂😂" one person wrote on Instagram, while another agreed,"🤣🤣 Marketing team just ATE 😭."

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