‘Luke Cage’: New Trailer Shows a Method to Luke’s Madness

In the run-up to the Sept. 30 release of Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Luke Cage, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker has made a point of mentioning how the iconic rap group the Wu-Tang Clan influenced his take on Harlem’s own Hero for Hire. And as the latest trailer for Luke Cage reveals, that influence isn’t purely behind-the-scenes. Stick around to the end of this two-minute teaser and you’ll see a founding Wu-Tang Clan member — we won’t spoil it — share a brief but delightful encounter with the superstrong hero (Mike Colter). Cage is so awed to be in the presence of musical greatness that he can’t resist uttering his signature catch phrase: “Sweet Christmas.”

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The rest of the trailer is pretty terrific as well, further stoking anticipation for Luke Cage’s post-Jessica Jones solo adventure, which pits Cage against uptown gangster Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali), with Harlem as the prize. And while there are no sightings of Krysten Ritter’s private sleuth, one familiar face does reappear: Rosario Dawson as the doctor to the heroes, Claire Temple. “There is nothing that can hurt you — so what the hell are you afraid of?” she asks the invulnerable Cage. Maybe looking silly in front of his favorite rapper?

Luke Cage premieres Sept. 30 on Netflix.