Twitch in disbelief over man’s $53,000 bid to hang out with popular streamer: ‘He could [have] probably just DMed him’

Jonathan Lee
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Twitch streamer and YouTuber Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren paid $53,000 to hang out with Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek at a charity auction for animal conservation.

Shroud placed himself up as an auction item for Maya Higa’s charity stream, which she began to raise funds for her new animal sanctuary.

“Going twice,” Maya said on her stream as the bid winded down. “Ludwig with $53,000 for an hour with Shroud. When he could probably just DM him anyway but that’s not the point.”

As Ludwig was declared the winner, viewers in chat spammed the channel with “I WAS HERE” to commemorate the occasion. Some of the other auctions in the charity raising stream included a framed photo that sold for $6,000 and a pair of loafers from the rapper T-Pain which sold for $12,121.

If this all sounds absurd, it is — and intentionally so. Most of the high-profile bids were being offered and bought by other streamers who are already in each other’s spheres.

But these “meme charities” are all going to a good cause. Before Maya became a full-time streamer, she was deeply involved in preserving wildlife. Now she is continuing that passion by opening her own conservation organization, Alveus Sanctuary.

As for Ludwig, it appears that only one thing has been on his mind since winning his auction.

According to Ludwig, he actually did reach out to Shroud in the past but never got a response. Ludwig said that it was only after the charity auction that Shroud finally followed him back.

“It literally took $50,000 to get this done,” Ludwig said on his stream. “It would not have worked unless I did this 50K dono.”

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