‘That’s Ludicrous,’ Man Says To Mom Who Claims She May Have To Euthanize Her Dogs Because She Gave Him Money

Rosanna says she got a home equity loan to take care of her elderly dogs until they died – but she gave half the loan to her grown son, Brandon, because he needed it. She says she now has to move into a condo this summer and can’t take the dogs. “I have to reconsider putting my dogs down,” she says. “I have to sacrifice my dogs in order to help my son, but the guilt just kills me.” Brandon responds to his mother’s accusation. “That’s ludicrous,” he says. “She’ll get paid back as fast as I possibly can, and if she doesn’t believe that, then she doesn’t know who I am.” Dr. Phil asks Brandon to look at the situation from her point of view instead of his. See his response in the video above. On Friday’s episode, Brandon’s mother and sister share why they believe he’s had a “total break from reality.” And, should Brandon reexamine his thinking? Watch more from "'My Brother is Delusional and Believes in Conspiracy Theories.'" And, check local listings to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: A family/relationship divided? WATCH: ‘These Things That I Say Are Not Crazy,’ Says Man Whose Family Claims He’s Lost Touch With Reality