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Ludacris Weighs In on the Future of the Fast & Furious Franchise

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All good things must come to an end…or do they?

The Fast & Furious franchise is approaching the beginning of the end with its upcoming 10th installment, set to release next year. Now, longtime star Ludacris revealed whether the franchise should pursue more spin-offs in the future, a la 2019's Hobbs & Shaw.

"It all depends," he exclusively told E! News' Daily Pop on July 15. "If they're done right, that's the key to it."

He continued, "This franchise is the only one that is based off of human beings that is within that top 10 grossing movies of all time, because everything else is superheroes and things of that nature."

The 44-year-old first appeared as Tej Parker in the 2003 sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious, and later returned for Fast Five in 2011. He has starred in every subsequent film since, including the most recent flick F9, which premiered in 2021.

"I just feel blessed beyond belief, man," he said about his involvement in the series. "I'm very, very blessed that we made it that far."

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Outside of the action movie franchise, Ludacris is focusing on children's entertainment with the Netflix animated series Karma's World, whose third season dropped July 7. Inspired by his daughter, Karma Bridges, 20, the series follows a young girl who aims to change the world with her rap talents.

"A lot of the stories in Karma's World, this Netflix series, is stuff that she actually went through," he revealed. "So, I think that's why the whole world is resonating so much with it. And people are loving it so much that now we have merchandise and toys."

Ludacris, F9
Universal Pictures/Entertainment Pictures/ZUMAPRESS

But when it comes to raising his daughters in the public eye, the father of four told Daily Pop that he does his best to keep them as grounded as possible (even though he did recently purchase a private plane).

"Yes, they are very privileged, but at the same time, they gotta fly commercial, as well," the star shared. "They need to understand the spectrum of everything going on. You can drive in this expensive car and then I'm gonna make you go take public transportation, as well. So, you just need to understand everything. So, yes, I'm humble but very proud to have just bought a plane."

Check out the full interview above.

Karma's World season three is now streaming on Netflix and check out the brand-new Karma's World toy line in stores July 17.

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