Lucius Fox Makes Sickening Exit Just 2 Pitches Into Game

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Washington Nationals infielder Lucius Fox quickly showed what he’s made of Sunday in his first start of the season at third base.

Fox vomited on the field just two pitches into the game. You can watch his unfortunate moment below, but be warned: It’s gross and it’s plentiful.

Fox departed the game with what Nats manager Dave Martinez described afterward as a stomach flu. The player felt ill beforehand but took fluids and felt well enough to play, Martinez told The Washington Post.

The feeling didn’t last.

The afternoon didn’t get better for the home team. The Nats lost 12-3.

San Francisco’s Joc Pederson hit two home runs, the first of which came a few pitches after Fox’s mishap.

Hey, wherever inspiration strikes, Joc.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.