Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German reveal the season 1 episode they want to do over

A pivotal episode from Lucifer's first season still holds a special place in both Tom Ellis and Lauren German's hearts — and no, it's not the pilot.

Ahead of the fantasy procedural sixth and final season premiere, EW took a trip down memory lane with Ellis, German, and co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich for the latest installment of Around the Table. During the conversation, we asked the stars which episode they would love to revisit if they could, and both of them picked season 1's "A Priest Walks into a Bar."

"'Priest Walks into a Bar' was probably my favorite episode," says Ellis, who plays the titular fallen angel, in the video above.

In that early episode, Lucifer and Chloe are tasked with protecting a priest named Frank Lawrence (Colman Domingo) after someone tries to kill him. While hiding out at Lux, Lucifer and Frank end up bonding over the piano and perform a really fun duet together.

"That, to me, was a real, huge moment in the show, and it really showed how different this show could be to what you expect it to be," says Ellis of the piano duel. "And it was just a genuine moment. No words. And Colman and I were just given a track of music to do something with, and it was an absolute blessing that Colman Domingo came and guested on our show. That's a moment I will always go back to and think, 'I don't think I've ever been more euphoric on a set of anything, doing that.' There's been moments since then where we've done musical numbers and stuff and it's been amazing, but that was... I remember it being the first time. It was like, 'Wow, this is really special.'"

According to Modrovich, they had to fight to keep that scene in the episode. "People wanted to cut it because nothing was happening," Modrovich recalls. "And we were like, 'But there is something happening there. They're bonding. It's beautiful.' Our [producing] team agreed with us on so many things, but that was one issue that we really went head-to-head on."

Looking back on that episode, German remembers how much they had shooting Domingo's death scene of all things.

"I've never laughed so hard," says Chloe Decker's portrayer. "Tom, Colman, and I laughed so hard shooting the church scenes of that episode, I couldn't breathe. We were dying laughing. And it's just one of the best memories. It sounds so benign, but I remember it was pouring rain outside, we had had a long day in the Couv, shooting at this church, and at a certain point we all just sort of... We were trying our best to be professional, but Colman, Tom, and I just lost it, to a point of absent bliss delirium. We were laughing so hard."

Ellis adds: "Do you remember, we literally couldn't look at each other?"

To learn about the first time Ellis and German met, the show's early days, and more, watch the entire roundtable interview above.

Lucifer's 10 episode final season premieres Friday on Netflix.

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