Lucifer Mystery Solved: Where Was Trixie in the Finale's [Spoiler] Scene?

The following contains spoilers from the sixth and final season of Netflix’s Lucifer.

Netflix’s Lucifer this month wrapped its run as many a TV series does, by flashing forward to a future point in time.

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In this instance, after Lucifer left this mortal plane to return to rule Hell in an entirely new manner — sadly separating him and “the detective,” Chloe Decker, for many decades — we fast-forwarded a bit to the birth of Rory aka Aurora, Chloe’s daughter via Lucifer. The show then bounded forth to some 60 years from now, where an elderly Chloe (played by Guiding Light‘s Jean Carol) shared some final words with a grown Rory (angels age differently, remember!) before passing away — after which, Chloe soon reunited with her love, Lucifer, for eternity.

But where was Chloe’s other daughter, Trixie, during her final moments? Why was only Rory at their mother’s bedside? (Some savvy fans have quipped that Trixie, who would be well into her sixties by then, was busy as “president of Mars.” But the fact is that she was with her mom…sort of.)

As Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson explained to TVLine, “We actually shot a scene where Trixie and some other characters were around Chloe as she lay dying, but it ended up feeling more confusing than emotional.

“You got distracted going, ‘Wait, is that Trixie? Oh, is that other person Charlie, I guess?,'” Henderson continued, “as opposed to focusing on the emotion” of Rory talking to her mother about the tremendous sacrifice she long ago made, electing to be apart from Lucifer for so long, yet never disclosing why.

“So for people wondering,” Henderson reiterated, adult Trixie, Charlie et al are “in the next room, because Chloe asked for some privacy to talk to Rory.”

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