Love Island USA Decor: Shop the Neon Signs, Umbrellas, and Towels From the Villa

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The Love Island USA villa is the place to be this summer. You can feel like you're on the Peacock reality TV show without leaving your home with a little bit of shopping. E! will deliver all of the shopping content you need this season. So far, we found the hair tools and styling products from the villa glam room along with Deb Chubb's hilarious eye mask. Now, we can focus on home decor. Bring the Love Island-inspired aesthetic to your space with the neon signs, umbrellas, and towels from the series.

You may not be at stunning villa surrounded by gorgeous singles, but you can incorporate some Love Island-style design elements into your home. Make a playful statement or reinforce your personal mantra with a neon sign. Protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays with some incredibly chic umbrellas. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of the high-quality towels from the show. There are so many possibilities. Get your shop on.

Love Island USA: We Found the Eye Mask Deb Chubb Wears at Night

Love Island Towels

Love Island Umbrellas

Love Island Neon Signs

If you're looking for more Love Island-inspired shopping, here are the styling tools and hair products used on the show.

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