"Love Is Blind" Star Chelsea Blackwell Responded To Her Megan Fox Look-Alike Claims After The Internet Erupted In Disbelief

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The latest season of Love Is Blind is reality TV gold, and it's due, in large part, to the interesting band of contestants they wrangled together to potentially find "the one."

"Love Is Blind"

And one of those entertaining contestants is 31-year-old flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell.

Despite the premise of the show — finding love by removing the physical aspect of the attraction — a lot of the romantic hopefuls this season couldn't seem to monitor their curiosity and asked for hints about what their potential partner looked like.

Two people in a conversation, one seated on a couch, the other on the floor, both seemingly engaged in a serious discussion

And one of the most memorable moments that featured the contestants ignoring the purpose of the show came when Chelsea asked Jimmy Presnell, who she's now engaged to, if he's ever been told he looks like a celebrity.

A person lounges on a couch, wearing a flowing pink outfit, with subtitle text "Do you ever get told you look like a celebrity?"

Jimmy said he does and Chelsea revealed she does, too, particularly when she's at the airport.

Person in a floor-length pink gown lying on a couch, speaking, with caption about having dark hair and blue eyes

Still trying to keep a sense of mystery in her approach, Chelsea gave Jimmy another clue as to who her doppelgänger is.

Person in a pink gown lying on a couch with a subtitle about MGK's relationship status

And it was this moment that changed it all for Jimmy.

Person in a white hoodie gesturing to their face, bottom caption questions resemblance to Megan Fox

Yes, that Megan Fox.

Megan Fox in a fitted white dress with a corset top, posing with one hand raised
Presley Ann / Getty Images for GQ

If he thought his connection was solid before, this new info definitely sealed the deal for him.

Man in hoodie smiling with subtitles "Listen, buddy. What you say? Can we get married?"

And while Chelsea swears she doesn't really see the resemblance, and that she believes people only say she favors Megan Fox because of her dark hair and blue eyes, Jimmy was already too far gone at that point to hear anything else.

Well, things took a twist when the two finally met. And if it wasn't clear where things were going by this face alone...

Two individuals embracing, one facing away from the camera, the other looking over their shoulder

...Jimmy made it clear through his words that he didn't see the resemblance to Megan at all. Like during this convo:

Two individuals on a reality show having a conversation, one laughing. They are seated with lit candles and greenery in the background

As well as this confessional moment:

Man in a suit on a reality show smiling, with captions about attraction and appearance

Well, because the internet is going to internet, people on Twitter had a field day with this:

VH1 / Twitter: @SK__ox

Peacock / Twitter: @Be_j_a

HIStory World Tour / Twitter: @katlego_tefu

Prime Video / Twitter: @trinawatters

Bravo / Twitter: @_toushay_

There were a ton of comments poking fun at the comparison, and the audience reaction finally made its way back to Chelsea. She laughed about it while poking fun at herself at the same time, like this TikTok where she joked about dreading seeing the Megan Fox scene on TV:

Chelsea Blackwell / TikTok

Or this one where Chelsea claimed she had "no idea what she was talking about," in reference to the Megan Fox claims:

Chelsea Blackwell / TikTok

She also made light of the social "dragging" by revealing she still enjoyed "going on a show for love":

Chelsea Blackwell / TikTok

But it was her most recent TikTok that really had me cracking up. Chelsea jokingly begged anyone who has ever said she looked like Megan to come forward. Their support was needed now more than ever.

Chelsea Blackwell / TikTok

And funnily enough, it was that TikTok that made me finally notice a SLIGHT resemblance to the Jennifer's Body star. It's something about her eyes when she looks up...I saw it for a quick second.

Megan Fox in a strapless sparkly gown posing on the event backdrop
Axelle / FilmMagic

I just love that Chelsea was able to turn this social commentary into something lighthearted.

Be sure to tune in to new episodes of Love Is Blind, Season 6, when they hit Netflix on Feb. 21.