Love Is Blind: How to Sign Up & Apply to the Netflix Show

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Credit: Netflix

After a successful season 5, fans are looking forward to Love Is Blind Season 6. Some hardcore fans are wondering how to become a contestant and want to find out the process to join the show in Season 6. So, here’s all you need to know about joining the Netflix series and getting married through it.

How to sign up for Love Is Blind?

A company called Kinetic Content reportedly picks out potential contestants after looking at their audition videos, photos, and other personal details.

As per Backstage, people can submit their applications on the official website of Kinetic Content. The applications include 15-second videos of every contestant along with their personal details and photos. After the applications are submitted, the production team looks at them and chooses their picks.

It’s likely that the production tries to find people living in the same city, so the development of their relationship becomes much easier for them. Another important point to note is what Love is Blind looks for while casting.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the creator of the show, Chris Coelen said that they search for contestants who are “genuinely interested in this kind of commitment.” He further revealed that he wants “people who aren’t just doing it for the attention […] We wanted to be really dealing with people who were genuinely interested in it.”

So those who wish to join in the future need to consider the requirements of the show to have the best chance of being selected.

Can I apply for Love Is Blind season 6?

Unfortunately, Love Is Blind season 6’s casting process may be over now.

Season 6 was renewed alongside season 5 and the show is filmed well in advance. So, it’s likely that production for season 6 might be underway or have been completed already.

Hence, those looking to join the next season may be late to apply at the moment of writing. They need to keep an eye on Season 7’s casting process, assuming the show is renewed.

For more updates, find out when Love is Blind Season 6 could arrive. Also, check out if the series is fake, scripted, or real.

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