'Love is Blind' season finale recap: Which couples heard wedding bells?

Spoiler alert: The following contains details from Season 6 of Netflix's "Love is Blind," including the finale (now streaming).

Another “Love is Blind” season has come to a close, and after 12 episodes, fans of the Netflix reality show finally have answers about who said “I do” and who dumped their partner at the altar.

As it turns out, Chelsea and Jimmy never even made it to the altar; Jimmy rejected the 31-year-old flight attendant during their final date. After Chelsea revealed she could see herself marrying him — "I do see a life with you," she said — the 28-year-old software salesman revealed he was not on the same page.

"I love you to death, and I want a relationship with you, and I want us to work so bad. But I don’t want to go to the altar," he said. "I can’t."

After the swift breakdown of Season 6's third-place finishers, a joyfully teary AD, 33, made her way down a rose-lined aisle to determine her fate with Clay — and left the altar crying for an entirely different reason. Once their wedding guests dispersed, 31-year-old Clay revealed to AD that his refusal to get married was a "gametime decision.

"It’s irresponsible of me to say yes in this time when I’m not ready to give you 100%, and you wouldn’t want that," he told her.

Amy tries on a wedding dress on Season 6, Episode 11, of Netflix's "Love is Blind."
Amy tries on a wedding dress on Season 6, Episode 11, of Netflix's "Love is Blind."

A fairytale ending for Johnny and Amy

After these relationships dissolved (the majority of the episode focused on Clay and AD), 28-year-old account executive Johnny and 28-year-old e-commerce specialist Amy won their fairytale ending.

Their scant screen time in the season finale reflected how perfect the two seemed together which doesn't make for very exciting reality TV. Despite being the only couple to marry in Season 6, Amy and Johnny’s love story was wrapped in a neat bow within 20 minutes — half the amount of time devoted to Clay and AD’s non-wedding in the episode.

But was their relationship really as perfect as it came across on screen? We asked Amy and Johnny for some answers.

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Amy and Johnny agree the birth control issue was their biggest obstacle

Amy and Johnny at their wedding in the Season 6, Episode 12, finale of "Love is Blind."
Amy and Johnny at their wedding in the Season 6, Episode 12, finale of "Love is Blind."

In an interview shortly before Season 6 premiered, Johnny revealed their relationship was "very smooth," because "Amy was very open about a lot of different things. I basically would question her to really test her and see where she stood on certain topics. And she would really try to see where I was coming from with asking it and then be able to respond back," he tells USA TODAY.

"It wasn't just like, 'Oh, you asked this? Well, I think this way. We should get into a fight about it. It was just so open and transparent."

Johnny acknowledged, however, the couple “definitely" faced challenges.

"I feel like one of the big ones was around the birth control topic, because we both weren't seeing eye-to-eye on that," he said. "But at the same time, by really being able to actually have a conversation around this that was open, we both feel comfortable actually sharing what we felt about it. That's where we really grew as people."

In Episode 8, the couple revealed they were abstaining from sex due to Johnny’s concerns about an accidental pregnancy they wouldn't be ready for financially. Although he considered a vasectomy, in Episode 11 he was surprised to learn it’s not "as easily reversible as I thought," and he wasn’t interested in clinical trials for a male contraceptive pill.

Amy agreed this was a "serious" conversation.

"It's not something that we could have resolved in one day," she told USA TODAY. "It was an ongoing set of conversations that we had to have to see if we could be compatible. I feel like that was the most challenging (obstacle) that we had."

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Social media dunks on Johnny and Amy’s sex education

Johnny and Amy on Season 6 of "Love is Blind."
Johnny and Amy on Season 6 of "Love is Blind."

Many viewers took to social media to debate Johnny and Amy’s conversations about birth control methods.

In Episode 11, the engaged couple talked about vasectomies and male and female contraceptive pills.

"I thought it was a quick little tying, put a bow on something, and you're good to go. And all of a sudden I see (what a vasectomy is) and I'm like, 'Maybe not," Johnny said. "I don't know if it was something people went over in school all the time during normal sex ed, what to do. But yeah, never really knew about that."

Back in Episode 8, he'd acknowledged “It’s not just the girl’s job” to prevent pregnancy. He also mentioned almost all of his previous partners had been on the pill, and though Amy had considered it before and had discussed it with her doctors, she wasn’t ready to take medication that would impact her hormones.

One TikToker spoofed the chat, joking about Johnny not knowing what a condom is, while another earnestly expressed appreciation for Amy setting boundaries by saying she didn’t want to start the birth control pill “just yet.”

TikTok user @healthillie was left “frustrated” and noted in a video that “Your only options to birth control are not going on birth control or your partner getting a vasectomy.”

After the episode aired, an X user posted, “Can a planned parenthood rep please reach out to Johnny and Amy bc I’ve never seen 2 (adults) be so confused about birth control.”

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