“Love Is Blind” season 6's Kenneth reacts to criticism that he ignored Brittany to be on his phone

"Even though I had no ill intentions, me doing that doesn't feel good for somebody else," Kenneth tells EW.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the first nine episodes of Love Is Blind season 6.

The love triangle no one saw coming in Love Is Blind season 6 is the one between Kenneth Gorham, Brittany Mills... and Kenneth's cell phone.

While Kenneth and Brittany fell in love sight unseen in the pods, their engagement ended soon after they returned to their real lives. During a quiet night in their shared home, Brittany told Kenneth she had lost the feeling of "crave" that made her fall in love with him in the first place, and Kenneth said that they shouldn't be getting married in a week if that's the case. In one of the most surprisingly real moments of Netflix's series to date, their relationship ended without the pomp and circumstance of a finale wedding, or massive blow-up argument. Tears were shed, hearts were broken... and Kenneth went back to focusing on his phone.

<p>Netflix</p> Brittany and Kenneth


Brittany and Kenneth

But despite the many scenes where it appeared as if Kenneth was ignoring Brittany in favor of his cell phone, they both claim his phone actually had nothing to do with their breakup. "One thing that I realized is, I know you've seen where I'm just on my phone, and I'm like, 'Ken, were you really on your phone that much?'" Kenneth tells EW. "I realized that I'm such an internal processor. I don't process things out loud, and so when things happen, a lot of times it seems like I'm retreating or I'm disengaging, and that's actually not the case. What I'm actually doing is not responding impulsively and also considering my partner's perspective before I jump back in and do things."

He continues, "I understand why I was doing that, but I had to also be aware of, even though that works for you, you have to also be considerate for somebody that you're dealing with because that may come off as, 'Is he really just not responding to me? Is he really on his phone at this moment?' Even though I had no ill intentions, me doing that doesn't feel good for somebody else and it may look a certain way for somebody who doesn't know you or hasn't seen that side of you yet."

Watching himself this season has made him realize he needs to "figure out how to process differently" moving forward in new relationships. "That is going to help me with my future person, me being aware of that now," he says.

Despite his relationship ending so abruptly onscreen in the new episodes, Kenneth is grateful that he and Brittany didn't wait until the finale weddings to realize they weren't going to get married. "I'm appreciative that Brittany and I had that intimate moment," he says. "Brittany and I are very emotionally intimate people, and so I think that moment of us ending things also spoke to who we are as people, just wanting to be safe with each other and wanting to honor each other's perspectives. As much as that would've been lovely [having a finale wedding ceremony], ending it like that was beneficial."

Kenneth is in a good place now as he looks back on his failed engagement, but it's taken him a long time to get here. "Brittany's and my relationship ending was definitely something that I really had to recover from and take time to myself to process," he says. "I have so much love for her and I did see a forever with her, so when that didn't happen... But ultimately seeing how the goal was to get married, even though that didn't happen for me, there are so many things that I learned that were so pivotal to my person that I would not know if I did not have this experience."

<p>Netflix</p> Kenneth and Brittany


Kenneth and Brittany

Kenneth is choosing to look at his entire Love Is Blind experience as a positive due to how much he's been able to learn and grow from it. But that doesn't mean living through the breakup twice — first when it happened and now again as he's watching it unfold in the episodes — was easy. "Brittany, I truly saw a forever with her," he says. "And even up to the end, I still felt a level of like, 'I'm going to fight tooth and nail until the end.' But I had to have a sense of reality with myself."

When Brittany sat Kenneth down to explain that she no longer felt the same way she did in the pods, he knew it was over. "Yeah, that was difficult. And that was actually the thing that made me say, 'We cannot walk down the aisle and say 'I do' to each other. There's no way,'" he says. "When you marry someone, you have to be like, 'I still crave you. I still want you. I desire you. My connection with you is still so strong, I see my forever with you.' And at that moment, Brittany didn't have that. It was hard to hear, but I appreciated it because it allowed me to see her truth."

Kenneth reveals that he didn't feel the same, which made her confession hurt more. "It was hard for me to hear, because I'm just like, 'I actually still crave you. I actually still desire you. I actually still see this with you,'" he says. "I still just have to be honest and respect her for telling the way she felt and how she felt, [because] the wedding is less than a week and a half away. There's no way that I in good conscience could say, 'Let's go through with the wedding,' knowing that we stood at these places at that time."

New episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 premiere Wednesdays on Netflix.

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