“Love Is Blind ”season 6's Jimmy reveals what wasn't shown about why he chose Chelsea over Jess

"She doesn't believe I am worth her time, and if someone isn't going to give me their time, I don't want it," Jimmy tells EW about Jess.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Love Is Blind season 6 episodes 1-9.

Love Is Blind season 6 delivered an iconic moment when Jess Vestal told Jimmy Presnell he would "choke" when he saw what he missed out on after he chose to propose to Chelsea Blackwell over her. And it turns out there was more to that breakup than what was shown on TV.

When speaking to EW about why he chose Chelsea over Jess, Jimmy said that it "came down to conflict resolution" and the way both women treated him on their last dates in the pods.

<p>Netflix</p> Jimmy on 'Love Is Blind'


Jimmy on 'Love Is Blind'

"What's not shown is the day before proposal day, I had three-and-a-half hour dates with both of the ladies, and everything with Jess up to that point was amazing," Jimmy says. "And Jess walks into our three-and-a-half hour date, she's hammering me, she's slamming me, she is mean, she is disrespectful. She doesn't believe I am worth her time, and if someone isn't going to give me their time, I don't want it."

He adds that his "biggest regret" is "not building up the courage to tell her how I [felt] and [breaking up] with her that day."

"It took away from my happiness being able to go into my next date with Chelsea, because on the other side of the wall, I got another woman that I'm highly interested in but I'm sad because I just broke someone's heart and someone just talked down to me [about] making this decision and bringing up looks on a show that shouldn't be around looks," he explains. "I felt it was a little shallow and I felt I couldn't talk to Jess. I mean, she walked out ten minutes into our three-and-a-half hour date, which was my final day to figure out who I wanted to propose to."

Jimmy felt as if that showed Jess "walks out when conflict arises," because "she was mad that I hadn't told her I loved her yet and confessed feelings."

"Meanwhile, I go into my date with Chelsea and it's a pick-me-up," he adds. "I can be completely vulnerable with her, I can talk to her about other dates, she doesn't care — she seemed to be so secure in that moment and it was what I saw myself with long-term because of her communication skills. She was willing to pick me up and talk me through the problem even though it was about someone else. I told her I loved her right when I felt that feeling and the reaction to it was priceless."

Jimmy proposed to Chelsea, and after they got home from their post-pod vacation, he says the first time he saw Jess was when cast member Jeramey Lutinski showed him photos of "her at the gym."

"I got a good sense that Jess was an extremely attractive girl," Jimmy says. "She referred to herself as a 'baddie' pretty much every single date we were on, so I wasn't surprised to see her when Jeramey showed me photos. Absolutely stunning woman, she doesn't need me to tell her that. But as far as my reactions and all that stuff goes, maybe this gets blown up a little bit out of proportion, but out of respect for Chelsea, I'm not going to make it a bigger deal than it is."

He adds, "She's obviously an absolute bombshell and she doesn't need me to tell her that. Considering everything I was going through with Chelsea with her being a little insecure, that was the last thing in my mind, is to give Jess anything, because Jess loves to fish... I did the right thing in my mind — I took it back to Chelsea just through conversation one night and she wasn't too happy about it."

When it comes to Jess' goodbye message to him during their breakup, Jimmy laughs. "Even if I was absolutely blown out the water and I needed an EpiPen to see this woman, I'm in love with someone else," he says. "Out of respect for her I wouldn't give her the attention, even if I really, really, really wanted to. But considering I was in a relationship, I'm good."

As for the backlash he's been getting for what has been shown in the episodes regarding his relationship with Chelsea, he explains there were so many more positive moments that viewers aren't getting to see. "I wish there was a little bit more happy moments in there because I got my reasons on both sides," he says. "But overall, we were happy and I feel like we're not doing the greatest job of showing that at this time, but there's a reason we're fighting."

New episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 premiere Wednesdays, with the season 6 reunion premiering Wednesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Netflix.

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