“Love Is Blind” season 5's Chris talks love triangle with Johnie and Izzy

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Love Is Blind season 5, episodes 1-4.

If you love love triangles, then Love Is Blind season 5 is for you!

Even at this early stage in the latest installment of Netflix's reality dating experiment (the first four episodes are now streaming), there are more love triangles than a season of The Vampire Diaries. That's not an exaggeration — Izzy loves Stacy and Johnie, Johnie loves Izzy and Chris, Lydia loves Izzy and Milton, Uche loves Aaliyah but has a past with Lydia ... can someone please make a diagram to keep them all straight?!

Thankfully, by the end of the first four episodes, all the love triangles seem to be resolved. Izzy chooses Stacy and they get engaged, Milton gets engaged to Lydia, and Uche chooses Aaliyah (but she leaves the show because of Lydia). And while Johnie chooses Izzy over Chris, she ultimately gets dumped by Izzy, so she then tries to get back together with Chris. Johnie even asks Chris if they can still get engaged like he had planned before she ended things with him, and while he accepts her apology and says he sees a future with her, he can't propose to her because he needs to be selfish and choose someone who always chooses him.

Love is blind
Love is blind

Netflix Chris on 'Love Is Blind'

"I definitely fell in love with Johnie and we had a extremely tight bond from the very start," Chris tells EW. "And when she told me that she was going to take a different route, I don't hold that against her. Everyone there is trying to make the best decisions for themselves. Johnie's an amazing, smart woman, and I trust her to make the best decision for herself. Even sometimes it's the wrong decision — I would've chose me."

But while he understands and forgives Johnie for initially choosing another guy over him, he knew that getting engaged after that would have been a mistake. "You can't make that life decision right after something like that happens," he says.

Chris also has an emotional moment earlier in the season when he reveals during a pod date with Johnie that he's been lying his whole life about the way he lost his virginity. He tells Johnie that he was actually pressured into losing his virginity at 17 with a girl he met on a trip to Mexico, and he remembers telling her "no" multiple times but still ended up having sex. He discusses the stigma surrounding men getting raped, which is why he's always told people he lost his virginity to a girl in high school rather than saying the truth.

"This is the first I'm hearing that's in the episode," Chris says in an interview conducted before the premiere. "But when you go into the experiment, I feel like I did it properly and I'm really proud of how I did it — I was as open and honest as I could be. If you're going to fall in love with someone and marry them, then they need to know everything about you and what makes you you. It is a very tough subject that I don't really want to go back over right now, but I am glad that I opened up and got to that point where I felt trusting enough to have those conversations."

Love Is Blind season 5 releases new episodes on Fridays, leading up to the Oct. 13 finale.

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