Love Is Blind 's Raven and SK Announce Split After Cheating Allegations: 'Forever Shaped Our Lives'

Love Is Blind's Raven Ross and Sikiru "SK" Alagbada have officially called it quits.

In a statement shared to both Raven and SK's Instagram Stories Sunday, the former couple addressed SK's online cheating allegations — and the end of their relationship.

"We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways," the statement read. "Due to the on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we can not provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time."

Raven, 29, and SK, 34, did not expand on the reason for the "legal proceedings." However, the statement ended with gratitude for Love Is Blind and its viewers, despite their breakup.

"Thank you for following our love story and believing in us," the pair concluded. "This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful for everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything."

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Raven Ross/Instagram

In the past week, SK became the subject of cheating allegations after a TikTok creator claimed she went on a date with him in April. The woman said she did not know SK was on Love Is Blind, which hadn't yet aired, or that he was dating anyone.

"Put a finger down if you went on a date in April with a guy from Hinge and then you see that he's actually on the show Love Is Blind, and that he met you after the show was filmed, but is still with the same girl right now," TikToker @emmwho9 said in a since-deleted video, per BuzzFeed. She also included alleged screenshots of messages between SK and herself, as well as a video of SK kayaking. All footage has since been removed from her TikTok account.

A second woman claimed she'd dated an unnamed man from Love Is Blind, though he admitted to having a fiancée. She alleged the man, who was not directly named as SK, said the TV relationship was "all fake and for the $." Footage from the now-deleted TikTok was also screenshotted by BuzzFeed.

Love Is Blind. (L to R) Raven Ross, SK Alagbada in episode 304 of Love Is Blind.
Love Is Blind. (L to R) Raven Ross, SK Alagbada in episode 304 of Love Is Blind.

Courtesy of Netflix Raven and SK from Love Is Blind

Raven initially shared a video, calling the allegations "rumors." The clip has since been deleted.

"Rumors are rumors, and we're fine. That's my man, and I'm sticking beside him," she said on TikTok, per BuzzFeed.

Though Raven told BuzzFeed she was still in a relationship with SK as of Tuesday, she responded to a few Instagram comments on Saturday that seemingly confirmed the split.

"The way SK is about to get himself jumped bro biggest plot twist ever," one commenter posted on Raven's pinned wedding Instagram photo. Raven then wrote back, "Literally lol."

Another user pointed out that Raven "dodged a bullet with that one," leading her to respond with three prayer hand emojis. The pilates trainer also posted three hearts in response to someone who shared that cheating on Raven is "his loss."

SK has not commented on the allegations at this time.

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Sara Mally/Netflix

The Netflix reality series, which took place in Dallas this season, showed the couple struggling with numerous relationship stressors, including intimacy issues, timing woes and differences in their families' backgrounds and cultures.

Most challenging, though, was whether they could make a long-distance relationship work as SK was planning to move to California for two years to earn his Master's degree.

Raven ultimately hoped to overcome this obstacle. On their wedding day, she told SK: "I couldn't imagine a world without you. I think we have a great future ahead of us and I really mean it when I say I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

But SK shocked viewers — and his fiancée — by saying he couldn't marry her because he would feel "guilty" pursuing a marriage "with so many unanswered questions." The show later confirmed that SK and Raven pursued a relationship outside the series — even after SK didn't say "yes."

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Love Is Blind. (L to R) SK Alagbada, Raven Ross in season 3 of Love Is Blind.
Love Is Blind. (L to R) SK Alagbada, Raven Ross in season 3 of Love Is Blind.

Patrick Wymore/Netflix Raven and SK

SK recently opened up to PEOPLE about the challenging moment and why the show's depiction of their relationship wasn't completely accurate.

"Raven and I's story, the way it was portrayed on the show, I kind of feel bad watching it, especially from the perspective of the audience, because a lot of our love story wasn't completely told in the way it was portrayed," he shared. "The narrative focused a lot more on some other subjects and some other incidents in the show."

"I feel like the audience missed out on really on that love story, on how it even came to be," the data engineer continued. "If I were watching it myself, not being in the experience, I would have a lot of blanks."

SK also pointed to their early discussions about the possibility of a long-distance relationship, insisting he and Raven were always on the same page — even if the show suggested otherwise.

"In our very first conversation, I brought it up. I was like, 'I'm actually getting ready to go to grad school in the fall.' And she didn't really have a problem with that. We said we're going to do things long distance, and we're going to try it out," he explained. "But of course, it's easier said than done."

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Love Is Blind. (L to R) SK Alagbada, Raven Ross in episode 309 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Love Is Blind. (L to R) SK Alagbada, Raven Ross in episode 309 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Netflix Raven and SK

In spite of all the confusion and hurt, the couple announced that they had rekindled their love during the show's reunion special.

"We've grown so much from this experiment, from what we've went through," Raven said. "From being apart, it makes it so much better when we're together ... it's really beautiful to be able to do that."

Raven shared more in a Nov. 4 Instagram post alongside photos of the pair. Though the photo post has since been deleted, its caption read: "We took these right before heading off to film reunion. we had no idea where this journey would take us but I knew the biggest blessing was having you by my side no matter what."

"Sk is my partner, my inspiration, my sounding board, my biggest cheerleader and my sleepy king," she added. "He's changed me for the better and I love him more everyday."

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Seasons 1–3 of Love Is Blind can be streamed in full on Netflix.