Love Is Blind announces a new batch of singles ripe for the "experiment"

Love Is Blind season 4
Love Is Blind season 4

Love Is Blind, the grand Netflix romantic experiment hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, returns for season 4 later this month, and that means one thing: a new batch of wide-eyed, looking-for-love hopefuls have arrived for our viewing pleasure. This season, there are thirty new singles heading into the show’s hallmark enclosed Pods, where couples foster relationships without ever seeing each other’s faces to test the series’ titular theory.

Although Love Is Blind contestants aren’t afforded as straightforward character introductions as their peers on another, rose-centric series, the new crop of contestants come equipped with personal “bios” highlighting their dating needs, personal interests, and pet peeves. Join us, as we dutifully chronicle them all— you know, for history!

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Amber - 34, Flight Attendant. Anyone “messy and selfish” need not apply to be Amber’s next fling; when she cares, she cares “BIG.”

April - 29, Sales & Marketing Coordinator. April doesn’t want to “look back and regret” her choices but definitely does want someone “older, successful and tall.”

Ava - 32, Communications Specialist. Hygiene is her number one, and if cleanliness is close to godliness for a suitor, she’s ready to be “wifey material.”

Bill - 33, Real Estate Investor. Bill wants “unconditional love” not “surface level relationships,” and jokes around a little too much (scary-coded).

Bliss - 33, Senior Program Manager. Sick of dating the “wrong men,” Bliss is over anyone unwilling to bring “emotional support” to a relationship.

Brandie - 39, Real Estate Broker. Brandie can no longer tolerate men who “look good on paper” and “tell you what you want to hear”; she’d prefer a potential lover try a little “honesty.”

Brett - 36, Design Director. Brett’s ready to let someone new into his heart, as long as they’re “financially stable” and a “good listener.”

Chelsea - 31, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. Chelsea “isn’t messing around” anymore—which means no more dating “white, hiker, tech dudes.”

Chris - 32, Technical Recruiter. Ever-popular Chris gets “option paralysis” on dating apps; he wants an “emotional connection before a physical one” but still set on someone “athletic.”

Conner - 28, Operations Manager. Conner’s ready for an “old school” romance with a “family oriented” woman who “loves God”—for the lucky devout lady, he’ll bring his “witty and funny” to the mix.

Irina - 26, Business Owner. Irina’s guilty of falling too hard too fast in the search for a “best friend to do life with”—where oh where have all the “driven, creative and passionate” men gone, she wonders?

Jack - 30, Software Sales. Jack is clearly gunning for a fatherhood arc by seeking out someone “nurturing, loyal and genuine” who “would be a great mom.”

Jackelina - 27, Certified Dental Assistant. Jackelina has never been in a relationship and wants to start off strong by finding her “daddy.”

Jimmy - 29, Technical Product Manager. Jimmy wants someone who’s not “afraid to suck at something” (although proceed with caution: he also has a self-professed struggle with being “quick to judge others’ actions.”)

Josh - 31, Project Engineer. Josh is looking for a “down to earth” partner after getting out of a seven-year relationship and deciding it’s “hard to find anything of substance.”

Josh “JP” - 30, Plant Operations Director. JP is open to “all types” of women, as long as they like the Florida Mariners and aren’t “immature.”

Juan - 30, Mortgage Loan Officer. Juan is waiting for the “right woman that’s the full package,” who won’t judge him for being “unorganized with clothing” at home.

Kacia - 31, Family Support Specialist. Kacia is ready to fall for someone “tall, dark and handsome” who she’ll bring along to “every family party and holiday.”

Kendra - 33, Social Worker. Kendra’s in search of a man “thoughtful” enough to pipe down and pay attention to “things that matter to me even if they aren’t a priority to him.”

Kwame - 33, Sales Development Manager. Long over the “meet up, try it out, fail and try again” of dating, Kwame wants to connect with someone who can match his energy. So far, it’s been “tough.”

Marshall - 27, Marketing Manager. Throughout his dating escapades, Marshall still hasn’t found a “deep mental and emotional connection” with a partner (but struggles historically with “perfectionism.”)

Micah - 27, Marketing Manager. Micah is shooting for the moon with a “world-shifting, fairy-tale type of love,” but used to falling among the stars; needless to say, the “old way” of dating “isn’t working” for her anymore.

Molly - 32, Marriage & Family Therapist. Molly is ready to embark on a “new adventure” with an all-too-common and oft-maligned genre of man: the “successful frat guy.”

Monica - 31, Elementary School Teacher. Monica has dated “all types of men,” but going forward she’s unwilling to tolerate a future husband who doesn’t make her feel “safe and accepted.” Frankly, fair!

Paul - 29, Environmental Scientist. Paul feels “unrealistically optimistic” about finding love (that is, of course, blind)—but only expects to strike up a romance if he can push past his habit of “getting bored.”

Quincy - 36, Gym Owner & Fitness Coach. Quincy is ready to “open up and truly let a woman in” as long as she’s not “cocky” (male manipulator coded).

Ryland - 29, Commercial Insurance & Real Estate. A self-professed dating snob, Ryland is “very picky,” so any potential paramours should bring “good food and lovin’” to the table.

Tiffany - 37, Client Lead Recruiter. Tiffany seems fun-forward; she wants to go on “random and unique dates” with someone who doesn’t “crave a lot of time and attention.”

Wendi - 28, Aerospace Engineer. Wendi is the rare LIB contestant who is “too content” to seek out love—but she’s still heading into a pod in an attempt to meet “awesome people and potentially find love.”

Zack - 31, Criminal Defense Attorney. Characteristically given his work, Zack loves “arguing for fun” but get this; he’s also into “steak … and a thoughtful gesture.” Men really can have it all.

Love Is Blind returns on Netflix on March 24.

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