Lou Holtz condemns Big Ten adjusting schedules for fall sports due to coronavirus

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On Thursday, legendary football coach Lou Holtz appeared on The Ingraham Angle to discuss the impact that the coronavirus is having on college athletics. His passion certainly shined through as he voiced a tangential argument on the matter.

With colleges and universities across the country still shut down, and confirmed cases still rising, the upcoming football season is sure to be heavily impacted, if not canceled altogether. And the thought of that is quite upsetting to Holtz.

“The way it is right now, they just don't want to have sports and there's no way in this world you can do anything in this world without a risk,” said Holtz. “People stormed Normandy ... they knew there was going to be casualties, they knew there was going to be risk, but it was a way of life.”

Only a few hours prior to his appearance, the Big Ten announced they would not play football outside of their conference. Holtz thought the idea was ridiculous because the strength of schedule wouldn’t be strong enough. He also said it would negatively impact smaller schools, like the one where his son is a coach.

“Let me tell you a devastating effect it is going to have in the non Power Five schools. My son’s the coach at Louisiana Tech and he should play Baylor, Vanderbilt, those are money games, those are very, very important to them, but how are you going to have football when they don't even want to have school?”

Holtz, who has campaigned for Donald Trump’s re-election, echoed the president’s recent comments for schools to reopen as scheduled. And he believes all this talk of no school and no sports will end one way or another on Nov. 3.

“What has happened to our way of life?” Holtz queried. “Look at it from both points of view, the risk is always there but you cannot just look at it from one side and that's exactly what's happening and I think it will end on election day.”

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