Losing Kherson is absolutely unacceptable to Russia, says Ukraine military spokesperson

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Kherson city administration
Kherson city administration

“(We’ve) stuck bridges, vital to the enemy’s war effort,” said Humeniuk.

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She noted that the battlefields in southern Ukraine remain fluid.

“The enemy is enraged by Ukrainian successes there; supply lines are getting cut, prompting logistical problems,” Humeniuk added.

Russia is assuming a more threatening posture in the north-western Black Sea, increasing its naval strike group to 14 vessels, according to earlier reports.

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“Ships are staying close to Crimean shores, taking cover behind Tarkhankut (a cape in western Crimea),” said Humeniuk.

In recent weeks, Ukraine has liberated a series of settlements some 85 kilometers away from Kherson and disrupted the transit of Russian troops and supply over key bridges across the Dnipro River.

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