Los Angeles-based rapper Haarper gets ready for Sunshine Theater

Mar. 12—Haarper's life in the past year has been one of change.

The Los Angeles-based rapper is completing his first year of touring.

"It's been alright, I was a little sick," he says of the most recent days on the road. "It's turned around I'm ready to be back on stage."

Haarper, born Richard McLaughlin, has been making music for the majority of his life. He's currently on his second tour, where he's opening for Night Lovell. The tour will make a stop at Sunshine Theater on Tuesday, March 12.

Haarper says a lot of his mental energy these days is preparing for his set.

This means there is no time to create new music while on tour.

"There are people that know me that are familiar with my process," he says. "I focus on tour. When I get back home, instead of diving and getting at new songs, I go back to the drawing board. I work at improving certain aspects and skills."

Haarper released his latest single, "Black Cube of Saturn," on March 7. His previous single, "I Might Self Destruct," was released on Jan. 10.

"I've been focusing on singles," he says. "I think after this tour is over, I'd like to focus on full packages and drop something with more flavor. It will take work and I'm ready to put in the effort."

When Haarper reaches the Sunshine Theater, it will mark his 49th straight show since October.

It's been a journey for him.

"I've just been working really hard," he says. "I've only been touring for a little bit over a year. I'm having fun in the opening slots."

He gets his inspiration from old school rap, which is why his lyrics are heavy.

"It's not the way I live my life," he says "I write to make people feel an emotion. Sometimes, the music will help them blow off steam. A lot of people work out to my music. I have to admit, there are a few of my songs from the past where I was in self destruct mode myself. I was going through a lot. Now, those songs mean a lot more to me because it reminds me of where I've been and how I've been able to move on."

Haarper was last in Albuquerque in late 2023, when he performed at Revel when he opened for Ramirez.

"When I was in Albuquerque, I have to say that it was the rowdiest crowd for that tour," he says. "People were being thrown and it seemed like people's bones were getting broken."