New Lords of the Fallen content roadmap addresses controversial post-launch changes

 Lords of the Fallen screenshot.
Lords of the Fallen screenshot.

Since its release, Lords of the Fallen has had several post-launch updates that tweaked and overhauled the game.  Now, developer Hexworks has released a content roadmap that shows what's next for Lords of the Fallen, giving players a better view of plans going forward.

In the developer post published on Steam, Hexworks shared a "snapshot" of new updates and quality-of-life changes for the remainder of 2023 - which includes addressing one of the game's most disliked post-launch updates.

"It's safe to say, we've released a fair few updates since launch; many of which have been in direct response to your feedback, including reducing mob density, increasing boss difficulty, and restoring vestiges to NG+ mode. To that end, we'd like to take another opportunity to thank you for your ongoing interest and investment in our game, and reaffirm our commitment to further optimising and enhancing Lords of the Fallen with your help and support," the developer blog post reads.

Along with improvements to game stability and performance, the developer also plans to add new questlines and armor sets to the game, along with new boss weapon abilities, spell packs, and upgrades to player inventories. Notably, Hexworks blog post stated it will also "split balancing for PVP and PVE" content. This appears to be in direct response to a recent update that made PvP-focused balance tweaks game-wide, including for solo players.

The recent change from last week resulted in boss weapon upgrades being overhauled, which put players effectively set back progress for players as they had to gain new resources to level up previously maxed out weapons again. This led to a negative response from the Lords of the Fallen communities on Reddit, and the upcoming plans for rebalancing the game seem to be addressing that for the better.

"This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a snapshot of our internal developments, in our continual strive for better transparency and communication with you, our faithful Lampbearers of Mournstead. We will continue to listen to your feedback. We will continue to act in a timely manner. And we will continue to enhance Lords of the Fallen," reads the developer blog post.

So far, this new roadmap looks to be a promising path forward for Lords of the Fallen post-launch life, and it could be exactly what the game needs to get back on track and in good favor with the fans.

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