Lord of the Rings fans want a movie starring Middle-earth's weirdest character

 Frodo in Lord of the Rings
Frodo in Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings fans might have been shocked by the news that new films are in the works – but there's one thing they can all agree on, and that's Tom Bombadil.

Bombadil is probably J.R.R Tolkien's strangest creation, but he's been entirely absent from the live-action adaptations, which consist of Peter Jackson's two trilogies and Prime Video's Rings of Power.

The character is an enigma; he's potentially the first living being in Middle-earth's history, who is mysteriously very powerful. He even tries on the One Ring, which has no effect on him at all, to Frodo's surprise. He also has a penchant for speaking in rhyme and song.

You can probably understand why Tom hasn't made the jump to live-action, then, but fans are all calling for Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo (as he calls himself) to make his way into the new films.

"Hear me out: New trilogy where the entire first movie is just Tom Bombadil, the second one is Éowyn and Faramir in the Houses of Healing, and the third is the Scouring of the Shire. Actually make the entire trilogy about Tom Bombadil," says one person.

"Still rooting for that Tom Bombadil/Radagast buddy cop flick," says another fan, while this person has a specific actor in mind already: "As long as it’s Tom Bombadil movies starring Matt Berry, I’ll watch one every year in perpetuity."

Someone else has another actor as a dream casting, though: "CAST JACK BLACK IN A TOM BOMBADIL MOVIE, YOU COWARDS AT WARNER BROS"

"*please make a Tom Bombadil movie* *please make a Tom Bombadil movie* *please make a Tom Bombadil movie*" is another fan's plea.

"I assume that Phase One of the new LotRCU is gonna have a Tom Bombadil movie, but at what cost?" jokes someone else. "If they are going to re-make the LoTR movies I better fucking see motherfucking Tom Bombadil!" is this tweeter's verdict.

It remains to be seen if jolly Tom will make his way into the new movies, but until then, get up to speed on The Rings of Power season 2 through the link.