A Look Into Charlotte Flair's Personal Life

One of WWE's top female wrestlers is preparing to say "I do."

Charlotte Flair and her boyfriend, WWE wrestler Andrade became engaged during New Year's Eve.

This was exciting news for Charlotte's fans, who are overjoyed to see their favorite wrestler happy.

Charlotte has already accomplished a lot in her wrestling career. She's won multiple championships and main-evented Wrestlemania 35.

While Charlotte's professional life has been a success, the star's personal life has been filled with some rocky moments.

So let's take a look into Charlotte's home life and how she managed to find happiness after years of heartache.


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Her youngest brother Reid passed away

Charlotte has two older half-siblings David and Megan from her father Ric's first marriage.

Charlotte and her younger brother Reid are Ric's children from his marriage to Elizabeth. Charlotte has a close relationship with all her siblings, but she and Reid had a strong bond.

In March 2013, Reid passed away from a drug overdose.

Charlotte was devastated over her brother's life and decided to carry on his dream by becoming a professional wrestler. Charlotte has been very open about her bond with Reid and how he continues to be a motivation in her wrestling career.

She had a rocky relationship with Ric

As the daughter of the iconic Ric Flair, Charlotte is making her father proud. Ric is often featured on WWE television cheering on his daughter.

While the two appear to have a close bond, things weren't always perfect between father and daughter.

In their autobiography Second Nature, Charlotte revealed that she and Ric had a spat in 2006. The reason was due to Ric divorcing Charlotte's mother Elizabeth to be with a younger woman named Tiffany.

Charlotte was upset with Ric for breaking up her family. In an excerpt from the book, Charlotte revealed that she was so upset at Ric's wedding that she got drunk and passed out.

Eventually, Ric and Charlotte made up, and their relationship is now stronger than ever.

She's been divorced twice

Like her father, Charlotte's been unlucky when it comes to love. She's been divorced twice.

Her first marriage came in May 2010 to a man named Riki Johnson. Charlotte and Riki's marriage was turbulent, and in her autobiography Second Nature, she revealed that Riki abused her. In February 2013, Charlotte ended her marriage to Riki.

Her second marriage came in 2013 to a wrestler named Thomas Latimer. Their marriage would be short-lived, and ended in October 2015 just as Charlotte was reaching the height of her WWE career.

Happiness at last

After experiencing so much heartache in her personal life, Charlotte found happiness in 2019 when she began dating Andrade.

Their relationship started in February, and the couple wasn't shy about showing their affection for each other. They often posted photos in Instagram of them on vacation, working out in the gym, or sharing PDA.

Charlotte and Andrade quickly became one of the wrestling community's favorite new couples.

The end of 2019 saw big moments for the couple. In December, Andrade won the United States Championship, then a week later he and Charlotte became engaged.

Fans are happy for the couple and now they're awaiting word on the upcoming wedding.