Lola Brooke Isn’t Focused On Competing With Her Peers: “I’m Very Tunnel-Visioned”

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Brooklyn invaded Hollywood last Wednesday (Nov. 15) when Lola Brooke took over Beauty And Essex for an intimate dinner and cocktail hour. The dimly lit dining room dazzled with the rapper’s friends, industry professionals, and fellow musicians as CÎROC shots and DJ Charisma fueled the night.

Gathered in celebration of her debut album Dennis Daughter, Lola Brooke—who is small in height yet giant in energy—stood in front of her supporters, combatted her shyness, and thanked everyone in the room.

“I would just like to say thank you to everyone for being here,” she proclaimed in her cheerful toast. “I’m very appreciative of this, I didn’t even see this day coming this um…fast.”

Lola Brooke poses
Lola Brooke at Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians event held at St. Ann’s Warehouse on November 10, 2023 in Brooklyn, New York

Her latest album Dennis Daughter is a 12-track project with features from Coi Leray, Bryson Tiller, French Montana, and more. Released earlier this month, the debut LP explores the range of Lola Brooke’s emotions, showcasing her lyrical ability and raw approach to Hip-Hop and rap music.

“It was very important for me to show different layers of who I am because the only story I can tell is Dennis’ daughter’s story,” she explained to us after all the dining, hugs, and laughs. “And before Lola Brooke, I was Dennis’ daughter. I don’t really think about it too hard. Music is my therapy. It’s therapeutic to me.”

Commanding the small interview area, Lola Brooke remained poised and polite as she requested bystanders to lower their voices to speak about her album’s core theme.

“It took me a long time to write Dennis Daughter,” she explained. “In general, it just took me a long time to tribute a song to my father. So when I heard the beat, the chills just went through my body and I was just like, ‘This is it.’ And as an artist, when you’re in the studio, you’re there to build and create, so it shouldn’t be hard, it should just be art.”

Lola Brooke performing
Lola Brooke performs during The Model Experience’s 2023 Fashion Week Festival at The Armory Track on September 09, 2023 in New York City.

As a rising rapper whose continuing journey includes years of hard work and sharpening skills, Lola Brooke is confident in being better than only herself. As Hip-Hop continues to shift and more women become rap powerhouses, the “Dont Play With It” performer does not see her peers as rivals.

“Me being competitive with women is not my forte. I don’t even think to be on a song with another female artist and think like, ‘Oh, I want to eat her up.’ I want to eat myself up on the last verse that I just did, and that’s just that,” explained the “Just Relax” rhymer.

“The energy should be always great. The energy should just always be you competing with yourself because competing with somebody else is going to get [you] off track [and] distracted. I’m very tunnel-visioned and focused on my rapping.”

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