Logic Says Ice Cube Approves Of His “It Was A Good Day” Cover

Logic received a bit of backlash over his cover of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” that dropped last week. The College Park Emcee was joined by a live band for his rendition, to which many criticized, including Joe Budden. The podcast host said, “This is the unsauce-iest band I’ve ever seen. Look at this band. Who asked for this folk version of this song? Oh my God.”

Now Logic has made it known that the only approval he cares about is the 1993 song’s creator, Ice Cube.

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“Everybody’s all pissed off at me because I did a f**king Ice Cube cover,” said Logic on TikTok. “Meanwhile, I texted Ice Cube and he’s like, ‘Man, keep on doing you brother,’ Like, who gives a f**k? Who gives a f**k.”

While responding to a comment that asked for him to do a full-length album of cover songs, the Maryland rapper added, “You’re right. I should do a whole f**king album, and just do a whole album of f**king hard-ass 90’s records and call it Logic Greatest Hits, and get all them paid, and publishing, and take care of all the legends and the GOATs and the greats from the 90s. And f**king do a covers album. Who gives a f**k?”


Replying to @evil.morty.420 logic greatest hits coming soon!

♬ It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube

Split Image Of Mack 10 And Ice Cube
Split Image Of Mack 10 And Ice Cube

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Like others, ethnicity has continued to play a part is Budden’s disdain for Logic.

Clarifying that he isn’t “race-baiting” the “Black Spiderman” spitter, Budden explained that he has a “very clear” problem with the bi-racial artist.

“Let me make my problem with Logic very clear, because people be confused. Logic is just not himself,” the 42-year-old rapper-turned-media voice said. “I just think that Logic should be himself. He panders to the Black community every other second. Well, that’s the problem with panders, is that they always gotta find something new to pander to.”

Check out what Logic thinks above and watch his cover of “It Was A Good Day” below.

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