Logan Paul On Why He's Good For WWE: I'm An 'Amplifer'

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The latest celebrity to cross over into WWE full time is none other than the polarizing and controversial social media mega-star, Logan Paul. Last week on SmackDown, Paul wasted little time kicking off the show by challenging the Head of the Table, Roman Reigns, to a WWE Championship match at the upcoming Crown Jewel, to be held Nov. 5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Although the wise man, Paul Heyman, tried convincing Logan that inserting himself into a match against the unstoppable Roman Reigns with barely any experience is a dangerous game, the stage had already been set for the unlikely main event. And it should be noted that Paul has already defeated a former WWE Champion, beating The Miz in a stunning performance at SummerSlam in his first-ever singles match in WWE.

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Following SmackDown, a heated press conference took place that confirmed the blockbuster match between The Tribal Chief and Paul.

During the conference, Bleacher Report asked Paul what he thinks he can offer WWE that other celebrities can't necessarily bring to the table. Paul answered, “Okay, this is no diss to the WWE, but I told them this before I signed my contract. I’m a good amplifier. I’m good at- I crossover big mainstream events. The WWE is a universe and it’s huge, but I told Triple H I want to make this a multiverse, right? How do we bring in people who aren’t necessarily watching and interested in WWE to the sport? I think I bring the eyeballs. I think they know it. It’s happening. It’s real, so yeah. That’s the facts.”

Roman Reigns in a suit
Roman Reigns in a suit

Reigns, who was joined onstage by the rest of The Bloodline and all seven of their titles warned Paul that “you need to crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and once you figured out how to run then maybe one day you can learn to fly with the Tribal Chief!”

We’ll have to wait until Crown Jewel on November 5th to see if Logan Paul lands that “one lucky shot” and shockingly dethrones Roman Reigns, or if The Head of the Table smashes Paul like all comers before him. You'll be able to stream it live, Saturday, Nov. 5 on Peacock.

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