Lockport rapper King Beanz nominated for series of 716 Music Awards

May 21—The third annual 716 Music Awards ceremony is scheduled July 27 in Buffalo and once again Anthony Howard Jr., a.k.a. King Beanz, has been nominated in several categories.

Howard tasted victory last year when he brought home the Best Dance Song trophy for his his song, "Life of the Party." He said the experience was "amazing."

"That will always be the win for me. I've got the trophy at home, sitting on a shelf," he said.

This year Howard has been nominated for Male Artist of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Video of the Year, Best Lyricist of the Year, Best Track of the Year, and Best Dance Song of the Year, for two of his songs.

Howard has matured some since last year when he graduated from Lockport High School. He said he's been trying to stick to his guns, musically, taking time every day to write songs and continuing to discipline himself to work creatively.

He had a brief stint at GM-Lockport where his father, Anthony Howard Sr., is employed, and worked a few other jobs besides doing what he has to do to make his music financially successful.

"For the last year I've been getting into the business side of things. ... I've been in and out of jobs, getting into the workforce, but music has been my main, my number one job," he said. "Factory work is not where I'm at."

Fans of Howard's work from his first album, "Birth of a King," will be happy as his new songs build upon past successes in "Wild Lifestyle: Part Two" and "Project: Part Two"

Also since last year, Howard said, he has been playing for bigger audiences, as many as 2,000 at one show with Skilla Baby of Cleveland.

"I'm also working on an album with one of the people on my label, the Team Made Men label. I've been dropping singles here and there, getting booked for shows, stuff like that. So, music has been going smoothly," he said.

Nominees for 716 Music Awards are selected by a 15-member panel of anonymous tastemakers. The winners in each category are chosen partly by popular vote; the online portal isn't receiving votes just yet, so stay tuned at 716musicawards.com.

Howard says he's representing Lockport in the contest.

"The number one reason (to vote for me), mainly, is we live in a small city. Only 20,000 people populate it. ... Our little city against everybody else from a big city like Buffalo, Niagara Falls," he said. "It feels good bringing home an award knowing a lot of people in your home city support you."