Local doctor shares advice on booster options as COVID-19 numbers rise

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It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself as COVID-19 cases are going back up: Should I get that fourth shot, or should I wait for a new one this fall, or should I get both?

“I think COVID has taught us all to be flexible and more comfortable with uncertainty,” said Dr. Amy Crawford-Faucher.

It’s been a lot of ups and downs during the pandemic.

“The boosters aren’t really effect against omicron-4 and -5 variants. I haven’t had the second booster or fourth shot but I am considering it as I’m considering travel later this month,” said Fran Budzeik who lives in Shaler.

That’s what the research does show. Dr. Crawford-Faucher told Channel 11 her office is overwhelmed by questions on whether you should get the second booster even if it doesn’t stand up against the current strain.

“If you are immunosuppressed, if you have serious conditions, you need all the help you can get. Let’s boost as much as you can. My older patients: if you are north of 75 and north of 80, yea let’s get it,” Dr. Crawford-Faucher said.

But if you are anyone else and fall into the category of “healthy,” her advice is different.

“If people are telling me I’m close to being boostered out then I saw you are healthy and lower-risk scenario then let’s hold off and have this conversation in September or October,” Dr. Crawford-Faucher said.

That conversation would happen when the next booster becomes available, which Dr. Crawford-Faucher said should target these strains. As long as the shots are between four and six months apart, you can get both the second and third booster if you qualify.

But the issue with COVID-19 is it’s always changing and she doesn’t think this will be the last booster we will have.

“I think we are never going to be done, done, done. I think like flu shots, there will always be a role for booster shots,” Dr. Crawford-Faucher said.

If we are talking about children heading back to school, Dr. Crawford-Faucher does recommend that those who can, get vaccinated and follow up with at least the first booster shot.

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