Local actor proud to be part of Netflix film that hired nearly 30 NM actors

Oct. 1—It's been nearly a year since Clint Obenchain stepped onto the set of the feature film "Intrusion."

The New Mexico resident spent months away from filming due to the pandemic.

This was his first production as he was getting back into the swing of things.

"It was very exciting," he says of being on set. "I was nervous. Production took place last fall, and the production was experimenting on how to keep everyone isolated and distanced."

"Intrusion" stars Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto.

It tells the story of a couple — played by Marshall-Green and Pinto — whose home is invaded one night. The husband shoots all three intruders. As they try to move on with their lives, the wife discovers that her husband was connected to the men and may have been involved in the disappearance of one of the men's daughter.

The Netflix film is directed by Adam Salky. It filmed in Albuquerque from October through December 2020. It is streaming on Netflix, where it premiered on Sept. 22.

According to the New Mexico Film Office, the production employed over 130 New Mexico crew members, about 30 New Mexico principal actors and over 130 background talent workers.

Obenchain jokes that he was destined to be part of the production.

"I knew I was going to get the role just from the name," he quips. "I play Clint Oxbow."

All kidding aside, Obenchain describes Oxbow as dangerous.

"I kind of treated him like the guard dog of the neighborhood," he says. "He's watchful and aware of everyone that comes in. He's very protective of himself, and that's what makes him scary. He's not afraid of getting into a scuffle."

Over the years, Obenchain has learned to enjoy mean roles.

With "Intrusion," he had the opportunity to have many scenes with Pinto.

"I make sure that I have consent with my scene partner to take it to another level physically," he says. "(Freida) was all in and we created some intense scenes during this production."

The production had a 21-day shoot over the three months. Production was halted a few times due to COVID-19 cases.

Obenchain was proud to be part of a production that hired nearly 30 New Mexico actors.

"Aside from Logan and Freida, the rest of the actors were New Mexico-based," he says. "Netflix took a chance on us to be part of this production, and I think it turned out really well. It's a popcorn flick, and it's purely fun with a lot of thrills."

Now streaming

"Intrusion," starring Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto, is streaming on Netflix. The movie was filmed entirely in New Mexico.