And lo, the town of Stow, Massachusetts is abandoned by Dunkin' Donuts

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A symbol of prosperity.
A symbol of prosperity.

In the future, historians will look back at September 2022 as the beginning of the end for the town of Stow, Massachusetts. The final pages of Stow’s story will be written about the Munchkin crumb trail leading from the closure of its Dunkin’ Donuts stores and the ensuing departure of a population who, as a news report shows us, have no reason to live in a place that Dunkin’ has turned away from.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Matt Shearer tweeted his look into this sad tale beginning with footage of a cigarette butt lying next to a Dunkin’-branded piece of litter and news that Stow has been forsaken by the franchised coffee and donut gods. Two citizens confirm the news.

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“There is no more Dunkin’ Donuts in Stow,” one man says.

“Absolutely none,” says another.

“Those bastards,” adds a final interviewee.

Shearer explains that Stow previously had two Dunkins but now has to drive into nearby Maynard in order to buy coffees covered with whipped cream and syrup. The result is widespread sadness—an outpouring of grief over what has been taken from Stow’s population.

“Yeah, it sucks,” a young woman says in the clip. “There’s nothing fun to do and Dunkin’ Donuts was the one place where everyone likes to go.” When asked if it’s worth moving away from Stow because of the Dunkin’ departure, she responds “yeah” without hesitation.

“I’m sad. Sad for the people of Stow,” another woman tells Shearer. A bee then flies into her face and she adds that her heart goes out, too, “for this bee.”

If only Ben Affleck would spare some of his wealth to personally finance restoring these extensions of an institution that’s given him so much over the years. After all, he, more than anyone else with the resources to help, should know the pain Stow is experiencing right now.

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