Lloyd Banks Says No Current Rapper Can Out-Rap Him

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Lloyd Banks is fully confident in his abilities at this stage of his career, as the 41-year-old rapper claimed that nobody can out-rap him this week.

On Monday, a fan gave the former G-Unit member his flowers via X, formerly known as Twitter, writing “There was a point in time that @Lloydbanks was the greatest rapper walking the earth!” Banks quoted the tweet and said, “Appreciate that, who’s the greatest now?”

One user responded to the original tweet and challenged the fan’s thoughts, stating that while he was a big fan of The Hunger For More rapper, he was simply hot, but never the greatest rapper alive. The fan countered with “That whole G-unit mixtape run nobody was out rapping Banks! It was a special moment.” Banks quoted that response and added, “Ain’t nobody out rapping me now.”

In true Hip-Hop Twitter fashion, Lloyd Banks was met with replies from fans attempting to tell him why he was wrong. On Tuesday (Oct. 24), one user said “Cmon Banks stay off the drugs there are maaad ppl out rapping u now lol.” The “Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley” artist took the opportunity to poke fun at his naysayer, writing “You have green dreads brother..your opinion means nothing lol respectfully.”

Another user claimed Banks will never outdo his 2010 LP H.F.M. 2 (Hunger For More 2) but the first and third installments of his Course Of The Inevitable series do come close. The New York rapper replied, “Lol time will tell.”

The 2004 Mixtape Artist Of The Year award winner recognized that his tweets began to pick up steam via the media and used the opportunity to promote his forthcoming project. “I just be having fun engaging with the ppl on MY twitter..and when I do..I’m in the rap blogs,” he wrote. “Damn I hope y’all post my new sh!t that fast!!!! Halloween Havoc IV on the way!!”

Halloween Havoc IV currently has no release date, but, given the title, it is safe to assume it will be coming out within the next week given Halloween is next Tuesday (Oct. 31). If that is the case, 2023 will mark the first time in 20 years that Lloyd Banks released multiple projects within a year. He shared The Course Of The Inevitable 3: Pieces Of My Pain this past April, which featured Method Man, Dave East, Tony Yayo, and more.

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