Who Are I’LL-IT Members? HYBE Confirms New K-Pop Girl Group Debut

I'LL-IT members will make their official debut in March
I'LL-IT members (Photo Credit: HYBE Labels/ BELIFT LAB)

HYBE‘s next girl group, I’LL-IT, is gearing up to make their much-awaited debut under the label BELIFT LAB. After the success of K-pop boy group Enhypen, I’LL-IT will be BELIFT’s first girl group venture.

I’LL-IT was formed from the K-pop survival show R U NEXT, where 22 contestants participated to win a chance for their debut in the music industry. Six members emerged as the winners of the show. But Youngseo, one of the final lineup members, left the group months before their official debut.

Profiles of I’LL-IT members explored

I’LL-IT comprises five members – Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, and Iroha. Yunah is the group’s oldest member, and Iroha is the official maknae (youngest).

The K-pop rookie group I’LL-IT has three Korean and two Japanese members. Yunah, the oldest one, is 20 years old. Her charismatic stage presence and performances have already made her a ‘celebrity.’ Her favorite K-pop idol is reportedly Red Velvet‘s Seulgi. Although the official positions of the members are yet to be revealed, Yunah is speculated to be a part of the visual and vocal line.

The second group member, Park Minju, is also 20 years old. The former YG Entertainment trainee’s favorite idol is DPR IAN. Along with singing and dancing, Minju is exceptional at playing violin, her secret strength.

Japanese K-pop rookie Moka is the third member of I’LL-IT. The 20-year-old K-pop trainee looks up to Blackpink Jennie as her idol. Her sharp facial expressions and dance on the stage of R U Next caught fans’ attention.

One of the youngest members of the group is Lee Wonhee. She is only 17 years old, and her role model is IU. Fans love her bright presence on stage and her bubbly personality. Her stellar singing could make her land in the vocal lineup of the group.

The youngest group member, Hokazono Iroha, is a Japanese rookie who moved to Korea to pursue her K-pop dream. The 16-year-old former JYP trainee looks up to (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon as her role model. Her soft vocals are guaranteed to make her a part of the vocalist’s lineup of the group.

I’LL-IT will be making its official debut in March 2024. After Le Sserafim and NewJeans, all eyes are now on I’LL-IT as they embark on their K-pop journey in March.

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