Lizzo Teases Upcoming Single in a Risqué Cutout Look

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Lizzo has been pulling out all the stops to promote her upcoming single "About Damn Time," and in an Instagram posted earlier this week, she went even harder.

In the Instagram Reel, Lizzo is seen seductively hopping out of a black SUV and strutting onto her private jet in black shapewear and heels. In the process of eating up this glam moment, fans are stunned as the camera pans to the signer's backside, with her butt completely exposed. Even with a minimal look, the musician stuns.

The shapewear set is from artist's new brand YITTY, which launches this April. Marking the musician's next entrepreneurial move, YITTY celebrates women of all body types. It's "shapewear you can wear underwear, overwear, anywhere."

Lizzo has never been one to shy away from head-turning looks. In 2019, she donned a black dress with a butt cutout to a Lakers game. It caused a day's worth of online controversy, but in true Lizzo fashion, she checked the world of their biases and reminded critics that, "If you really, really don't like my a--, you can kiss it."

Watch the Reel below and tune into "About Damn Time" on April 14.