Lizzo Reveals Who She's Looking for in Watch Out for the Big Grrrls Season 2

Lizzo Reveals Who She's Looking for in Watch Out for the Big Grrrls Season 2

It's about damn time.

In a special piece of news, Lizzo revealed that another season of her Emmy-winning reality series Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is on the way. And this time, she's not just looking for dancers.

"Well, the news is out: Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is getting a season two," she shared in a March 17 Twitter video. "What's it gonna be about? Wouldn't you like to know. All you need to know is, I'm looking for you. Yes, I'm looking for big girl dancers, but I'm also looking for big girl singers."

As she put it: "We're looking for big girl singers who can also dance... All my big girls, dancers and singers, audition now. Hurry!"

The series, which debuted in March 2022, challenged 13 women to come out of their shells as they competed to be Lizzo's backup dancers. The big twist, however, was that there was no set elimination process and any number of dancers could win.

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The Grammy-winning "Good as Hell" singer previously revealed that the casting process for her Cuz I Love You Tour in 2019 was what inspired the show.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">SEASON 2: I NEED SINGERS THAT CAN DANCE— THE WHOLE PACKAGE <br><br>GO TO <a href=""></a> TO AUDITION <br><br>I NEED YOU! <a href="">#watchoutforthebiggrrrls</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; FOLLOW @YITTY (@lizzo) <a href="">March 17, 2023</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

"We had an audition and it was all these girls, and they were beautiful dancers and beautiful people, but they just didn't look like me," Lizzo told People ahead of the series premiere. "I was so emotional that I got up and I left. And I just drove to this little restaurant. I sat and had a margarita and I was like, 'What the f--k is going on? Do I have to do this myself?' So, I was like, let's do an open casting call."

Lizzo, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls
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She continued, "It's more important to me to have those kinds of women next to me on stage than to have the most technically skilled, amazing dancer that's not a reflection of how I look."

Season one's winners and finalists have joined Lizzo in her music videos, festival performances, red carpets and even on Saturday Night Live—so season two's hopefuls better be ready (2 Be Loved).

Watch out for Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls season one on Prime Video.

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