Lizzo Opens Up About Sadness in Tearful TikTok Video During 'Rough Night': 'Why Do We Feel This Way?'

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Lizzo is opening up about experiencing sadness.

The three-time Grammy Award winner, 33, got candid about her feelings Saturday in a tearful TikTok video. "You know that part of sadness where you feel like a burden on everyone and annoying and nobody cares about you?" she says in the clip.

"Can we get rid of that part?" Lizzo adds. "It's like, yo, I'm already sad. Got to add insult to injury that I have no one to talk to about it?' It's crazy. Like, why do we feel this way? Why do we feel this way when we get sad?"

She wipes away her tears in the video, saying, "I don't want to feel this way anymore."

"I want to feel like I do have someone to talk to, people do care about me. I have love. I'm not alone. That's what I want to feel, but I don't feel like that."

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Lizzo returned to the platform several hours later, thanking her fans for their support and providing a positive update. "I'm feeling better," she says in the video shared to TikTok. "I had a really rough night and a very emotional morning just thinking about my relationships and life."

"You know how it is. It gets dark," Lizzo adds. "I'm definitely glad I reached out in any way I could, and TikTok was one of those ways. To feel received and seen and heard really, really helped me. I'm not crying anymore."

Lizzo says in the video that she planned some self-care into her day, including some tea, a bath and making some food videos. "Thank you so much again," she adds. "I love you guys. And if you're going through things, just know you're not alone. You're definitely not. And I love you."

The "Truth Hurts" artist has used her TikTok to be an advocate for topics like body positivity and mental health in the past, even using the platform to lead fans in a mass meditation last year, as the COVID-19 lockdown began.

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Lizzo explained how she has come to lean on her fans' support to TIME in 2019. "I was experiencing a little bit of unhappiness. I was not happy with the way I felt to my body," she said at the time.

"I didn't feel sexy, and I didn't know when it was going to end," she said. "There were times when I would go onstage and be like, 'Y'all, I'm not going to lie. I'm not feeling myself.' Sometimes I'd break down and cry. Sometimes the audience would just cheer to make me feel better."