Liza Koshy Goes Down On 2024 Oscars Red Carpet, Making For Unforgettable Mishap Moment

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Liza Koshy isn't letting a fall bring her down! The actress took a spill in her massive platform heels on the red carpet, but she laughed it off and kept her cool.

Elizabeth Shaila "Liza" Koshy showed up at the 2024 Academy Awards in an off-the-shoulder red gown and gigantic red platform heels, which caused her to take a bit of a tumble while posing for photos.

Liza Koshy Takes A Spill On The Red Carpet

Watch: Liza Koshy Takes A Spill On 2024 Oscars Red Carpet

Koshy gave everyone a bit of a scare when she fell down on the red carpet, prompting everyone around her to rush to her aid. Despite the embarrassing moment, the actress kept her cool and laughed the entire situation off as she continued to pose for photos, even while sitting on the floor.

An AP video shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, by Variety reporter Katcy Stephan, is already going viral.

See The Video Of Liza Koshy's Fall At The 2024 Oscars

Fans of the star rallied behind her after seeing the video. One user wrote, "I hope she's okay! Tripping can happen to anyone, but I'm sure she handled it with grace."

Another expressed, "She's absolutely stunning!"

A third chimed in with, "Awww bless her heart."

"OMG… poor Liza I feel so bad for her," another expressed.

As one X user said, "Hopefully, she wasn't hurt, and it must have been embarrassing for her." It didn't seem too embarrassing as she handled the fall with grace! You go, girl.

Liza Koshy Has A Love For Fashion

Watch: Liza Koshy Takes A Spill On 2024 Oscars Red Carpet

The actress recently talked to Coveteur about her love for fashion, telling the outlet, “I've kept that promise to myself for almost two-and-a-half years to never buy anything new.”

“My mom trained me to never let anything go–grudges, everything,” she continued. “I've raided her closet several times as trends come and go, and I totally understand the value in keeping shit for my babies so my spawn can inherit it.”

She also opened up to Forbes last year about how her journey came to be.  “It takes that 10 years of silence, as they say, before you really see the fruits of your labor,” Koshy told the outlet. “I went to acting class. I’m putting in 10,000 hours. I’m putting in the 10 years of silence. I’m trying to wake up early in the morning like Kobe did…I’m trying to put in that work.”

Liza Koshy: The One Woman Show

Watch: Liza Koshy Takes A Spill On 2024 Oscars Red Carpet

Liza Koshy got her start on YouTube and Vine, where she gained over 25 million subscribers on her own.

“I had a lot of sketches, a lot of really thought out ideas that look effortless,” Koshy explained of her video ideas to Forbes. “But really what's happening is weeks before I'm going to the Dollar Store and looking at each product, understanding…how I can write a joke around a specific word on that product? And then hopefully give a natural, effortless, delivery when it comes to day of shooting.”

She went on to star in summer blockbusters 'Transformers: Rise of The Beasts' and 'Ruby Gillman' and in three seasons of 'Liza On Demand,' something she described as "magic."

“You're creating magic with people,” Koshy explained of the writer’s room for 'Liza On Demand.' There are “so many brilliant brains that have so much more experience than you do, or come from a different perspective and are cultural consultants of their own cultural and ethnic backgrounds too. So you can make sure you're having a proper representation.”

Liza Koshy is currently promoting her new film "Players" on Netflix. The 96th Academy Awards airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.