‘Live’ Asks Viewers If Ryan Seacrest Should Wear Socks (Because He Should)

·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest must be feeling the breeze and the burn as Live With Kelly and Ryan asked its viewers on Twitter whether or not he should wear socks on the show. Seacrest has been proudly sporting a no-socks look during his time as co-host. Often he’ll even wear a full suit and dress shoes but neglect to put on socks.

It’s been a topic of conversation, so the show created a poll for viewers to vote. Most responded by voting “Whatever he likes.” Seacrest and guest host Carrie Ann Inaba read the replies, which were mostly positive.

However, there were some replies that were not so nice. Here are a few of our favorite ankle burns.

Because Seacrest has been on the show for three months and a “laundry day” excuse is out of the question, it looks like he’ll be airing out those joints on camera for days to come.

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