Liv and Steven Tyler Discover African-American Ancestors Who Were Musicians

On Who Do You Think You Are?, Liv Tyler was elated to discover that her great-great-great-great-grandfather Robert Elliot was part African-American, or what was then called “mulatto,” according to a newspaper story and census stats. However, she was floored to learn that he was a drummer boy during the Siege of Plattsburgh, a battle that occurred during the War of 1812. Liv’s father, Steven Tyler got his start as a drummer, and she was moved by the musical connection. She went on to learn that the musical skills were passed down to Robert’s son, George, who was a drummer during the Civil War. At the Smithsonian, a drummer played for her one of the rhythms that George Elliot likely played on the battlefield, and it stirred her to tears.

After she found a picture of George, she couldn’t wait to tell her dad about his ancestors. When Steven learned of their African descent he said, “I always felt akin to black people, always.”

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