Little People, Big World 's Zach and Tori Roloff Share Newborn Son's Achondroplasia Diagnosis

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Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff's are opening up about their newborn son's diagnosis, which comes weeks after his arrival.

In an interview with Us Weekly, published May 25, the stars of Little People, Big World, who welcomed Josiah in late April, shared he has achondroplasia, a type of genetic condition. But as the couple noted, his achondroplasia doesn't define him. "He's a boy with achondroplasia," Zach told the outlet. "It's not his identity."

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, achondroplasia is a form of skeletal dysplasia that can lead to a shorter stature, with the organization noting "adult height in people with achondroplasia is between 42 and 56 inches."

As Zach and Tori shared, several of their family members—including their kids Jackson Roloff, 5, and Lilah Roloff, 2, and his mom Amy Roloff—have achondroplasia. Zach's dad, Matt Roloff, has Diastrophic dysplasia.

"We have so many resources," Tori said, "and there's a lot of parents out there who don't have the same confidence that Zach and I do." And, as the TLC stars noted, they intend to continue to use their platform to be advocates for people with achondroplasia.

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In April, Zach and Tori welcomed their third child together, announcing the news to fans on Instagram. "He came about two weeks early but we were ready," the father of three wrote on Instagram April 30. "Super happy for our family and the kids adore him already. Very proud of Tori as well, she has done incredible!"

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So what's it been like to add another family member? "I think just the confidence and like being parents now like a third time," Zach told Us Weekly. "Now you also have two other mouths in the house—Jackson and Lilah—so you have to, like, divide your attention. You can't react every time the newborn makes any sort of cry. Sometimes you have to be like, 'All right, he's fine.' You gotta balance things a little bit more."