Little Karate Kid Chops The Competition On ‘Chopped Junior’

On Chopped Junior, 9-year old Amandine Waldman showed that she may be little, but she packs a big punch. The competitor, whose nickname is ‘Short Stuff,’ wanted to prove that just because she’s tiny, it doesn’t make her weaker than anyone else. And it would be wise not to mess with her, as she is a junior black belt in karate, and considers herself fiercely competitive, as the other kids found out during the competition. She credited her karate training in keeping her composure, as she stumbled out of the gate in the appetizer round. She accidentally poured too much rosemary for her vinaigrette, which added too much kick to her crab cakes with kale salad. However, just like the original Karate Kid, she was able to power thru and punch out the competition.