‘Our little Cupid.’ Cat with an arrow through its neck is rescued in Pennsylvania

Screengrab from Facebook post by Stray Cat Blues.

A stray cat pierced by an arrow is getting plenty of love — and a fitting new name — thanks to an animal rescue group in Pennsylvania.

Rescuers first learned about the orange male cat Jan. 24, after a woman spotted it in her backyard and noticed an arrow sticking through its body near the neck, Stray Cat Blues said in a social media post. Warning: The post contains graphic images.

“After seeing the pictures of this injured cat, we knew we could not rest until we found him, and we immediately started searching,” the nonprofit, based in Colmar, said in the post.

“Many hours were spent searching in the woods, handing out fliers to the neighbors and setting traps at multiple sites,” and Cupid was finally caught eight days later on Jan. 31, over a mile away from where he was first seen.

“No animal should ever endure suffering like this,” the group said.

Cupid received some much-needed medical attention at an animal hospital in nearby Quakertown and is now on the mend with his rescuers at Stray Cat Blues.

It’s not clear who shot Cupid with the arrow or how long it had been lodged in his side, but police have been notified and it’s being investigated, the group said.

“The arrow went into his left shoulder, over his neck. So it missed all of his major nerves, arteries, his spinal cord, but it definitely caused a lot of trauma,” Arielle Schoenlein, veterinarian at the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, told WPVI.

“I try to keep an open mind, but this definitely seems like this might have been intentional,” Schoenlein said. “We don’t know. He can’t tell us so we can just advocate for him.”

While Cupid isn’t up for adoption yet, there are other ways people can help, the rescue group said.

“This morning our little cupid has a great prognosis, but he will need substantial medical care,” the group said.

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