Little boy has sweetest reaction when he spots parents in audience: ‘Proof that being present can make a big difference’

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A viral Reddit post showed how being present for your child can make all the difference!

A Reddit user recently posted a video in the subreddit, r/mademesmile, of a little boy walking on stage for his school’s holiday concert while looking for his parents in the audience, and his joyous reaction upon spotting them is beyond uplifting.

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The clip, which has been making the rounds on various social media platforms, begins with footage taken from the audience, of children filing onto the stage, decorated with evergreen garlands, twinkle lights, and rows of poinsettia plants.

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As the children take their positions, the camera zooms in on a little boy, wearing a sweater and festive red pants, looking out at the audience with a dubious expression on his face.

Suddenly, someone calls out “Lincoln!” from behind the camera. Upon hearing his name, Lincoln continues to look around the audience with the same quizzical expression.

When he finally locates his parents in the audience, Lincoln’s expression goes from concern to elation. He smiles so hard his face scrunches in excitement, and he clasps his hands in delight before raising his arm and making a triumphant fist pump.

The video closes with Lincoln, hardly able to contain his excitement, spinning around and kneeling on the stage floor as if to mentally prepare himself for his class’ upcoming holiday performance.

Viewers were heartily moved by the brief yet poignant clip and amused by Lincoln’s jubilant fist-pumping.

“Wow, that just gave me some energy and a smile I needed to get through the day,” one user mentioned.

“Kid was so hyped he brought out the [Tim] Tebow pose,” joked one viewer.

“He thanked mother earth and the whole cosmos for having parents at the end, lmao,” laughed one Redditor.

If this video is any indication, the act of showing up for someone is a simple but significant gesture, or as one Redditor put it, “presence is the best present.”

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