This literally face-melting Baldur's Gate 3 glitch is so horrifying that it puts even Orin the Red to shame

 Baldur's Gate 3.
Baldur's Gate 3.

Last week, Baldur's Gate 3 patch 4 dropped, bringing more than 1,000 fixes to Larian's CPRG. As with any patch that large, however, there's a pretty good chance it'll mess with your mods, which is exactly the fate that befell one player - with horrifying results.

Taking to the game's subreddit in the wake of patch 4, KingFreakKelo shows off an unfortunate interaction between some part of the update and one of their mods. The video starts off pretty bad, but I've seen the whole 'missing face' glitch before - it might look a bit gross, but if you were around for Assassin's Creed Unity, you'll know that eyes and mouths stick around, as they're animated differently to face-flesh.

Unfortunately, as the video progresses, it becomes clear that the issue isn't that the face is missing, it's that it's in the process of actively falling off. As the user flicks through the character creation screen options, each face and neck literally sloughs clear of the skull in a horribly liquid mass of cheek and forehead skin. To make matters worse, the de-skulled flesh bag that was once a face just kind of hangs around at torso level, complete with some truly dreadful physics that means that it wobbles back and forth as the character gets moved around.

It's a graphical glitch so disturbing that I immediately thought of Baldur's Gate 3 serial killer Orin the Red, who carves her way mercilessly through the game's third act, and also plays with some slightly-less-literal face-changing magic. On reflection, however, I realized that Orin tends to opt more for dismembering than face-removal, and while that's bad news for certain circus entertainers, it means that she hardly holds a candle to just how grim this glitch is.

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