Listen: Zach Bryan returns with new, self-titled album

Zach Bryan released a new, self-titled album featuring collaborations with Kacey Musgraves, The Lumineers and more. File Photo by Ian Halperin/UPI

Aug. 25 (UPI) -- Zach Bryan is back with new music.

The country music singer, 27, released his fourth, self-titled album on Friday.

Zach Bryan features "I Remember Everything" featuring Kacey Musgraves, "Spotless" featuring the Lumineers, "Hey Driver" featuring The War and Treaty and other songs.

Bryan said in a post on Instagram that the new songs are "special" to him but don't have an overarching meaning.

"I've got no grand explanation for these songs, I got no riddle in reasoning behind writing them, I don't have a [expletive] roll-out plan to stuff it in-front of as many people as I can. I just wrote some poems and songs that I want to share because I think they're special," the singer wrote.

"Some of them are heavy, some of them are hopeful, but more than anything what's important to me is that they're all mine," he said. "If people listen to it, I'll be grateful, if people don't, I'll still be grateful because I got the chance in this life to be original when it mattered."

Bryan explained that the album is self-titled because "I hear every cell of my being in it."

"Some of it's slow and low, some of it's reckless, some of it's loud, some of it's quiet, but it's all me at twenty-seven. I put everything I could in it and I am at a loss for words at what a blessing this life is," he said.

The singer voiced his gratitude for his supporters and fans, saying he does not take his opportunities or success for granted.

"As some kid with a guitar from Okla, I am so grateful for each person that cares enough," he added. "My life has been a journey of ups and downs, and I want to thank the people who have kept the course with me while never backing down to anyone or anything no matter the day."

Zach Bryan is a follow-up to Bryan's album American Heartbreak, released in May 2022. The singer is known for the singles "Heading South," "Something in the Orange" and "Burn, Burn, Burn."