Listen To Self Esteem’s Cover Of Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’

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Self Esteem - Photo: Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns

Self Esteem–AKA Rebecca Taylor–has released her version of Queen’s classic hit, “Radio Ga Ga.” The single is part of the “MTV Originals” series, which also features never-before-released covers from Che Lingo and Bow Anderson.

Says Rebecca Taylor regarding the experience, “I’m very excited about meeting Roger Taylor. He’s legendary to me and pretty important in what I’ve done. He’s amazingly cool.” In the accompanying behind the scenes video, The two Taylors sit in the studio to discuss the track and converse on her version of the song.

“When we were looking for artists to do this, we were looking for artists with originality,” says the Queen drummer. “We wanted people that didn’t sound or look like other people. Self Esteem is very, very talented. She has a really original take on things.

Adds Rebecca Taylor, “As a kid I had the double VHS with all of the videos on it. I really would play it [‘Radio Ga Ga’] a lot. It was a massive part of my life.”

Regarding her performance, Roger says, “I’m very excited to hear your a cappella version of the song.”

Speaking about the entire series, Taylor added, “It’s fascinating to be working with such original young artists, and it’s incredible to be part of a project that gives them the possibility to be themselves while re-imagining such an iconic track.”

During “MTV Originals,” audiences will see Adidas and Roger Taylor open the doors of the legendary Abbey Road Studios to the artists, giving them access to the master stems and sheet music to Queen’s 1984 smash hit “Radio Ga Ga.” Immersed in such an inspiring atmosphere with Roger Taylor, legendary Queen drummer and writer of “Radio Ga Ga,” the three artists have unleashed their creativity to record their own fresh take on the legendary song.

Listen to all three takes of ‘Radio Ga Ga’ on the MTV UK YouTube Channel.

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