Listen to an Exclusive Track From Little Wing – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from Little Wing – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring music by composer Anne Nikitin. Listen to the track titled “The Granger” below. Lakeshore Records will release the digital album on Friday, March 15.

“On some of these tracks, I collaborated with post-punk artist Paris Hurley whose vocals are peppered throughout the score to represent Kaitlyn’s various states of mind,” said Nikitin. “I also created a pigeon sound world. The humourous pigeon moments have a distinctive theme made up of synth-based sounds mixed with my heavily processed vocals. The more serious pigeon sounds are generated by an emotive fluttering solo violin played by Tom Pigott-Smith.


“Paramount+’s Little Wing follows Kaitlyn, a teen who is reeling from her parents’ divorce and the pending loss of her home,” says the description. “She and her best friend hope to solve her mother’s financial woes by stealing a valuable bird, but Kaitlyn, instead, forms a bond with the owner, that leads her to a new outlook on life.”

Track List

01. Perfect

02. Fresh Air

03. The Granger

04. Kids Wanna Heist

05. Stealing the Granger

06. Mafia Bridge Deal

07. Where is the Granger?

08. I’ll Kill Him

09. What a Mess – Anne Nikitin, Paris Hurley

10. Prison Birds

11. One Home – Anne Nikitin, Paris Hurley

12. This Is Your Time

13. Gone

14. Pigeon Training

15. Free Bird

16. He Smiled

17. Best Day of My Life

18. We’re Staying

19. The Granger Came Home

20. Where He Feels Safe

21. Life Is Sweet

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