Listen to Dvsn's New Album 'Working On My Karma' f/ Bleu and Jagged Edge

Image via Publicist
Image via Publicist

Dvsn’s latest album, Working On My Karma, is out now.

The duo’s fourth studio album features contributions from Jermaine Dupri and Antoine Harris. Prior to the project’s arrival, singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 dropped off a handful of songs, including the divisive “If I Get Caught,” “What’s Up” with Jagged Edge, and “Don’t Take Your Love.”

“If I Get Caught” stirred controversy online, with many branding Dvsn’s music to be toxic. Daley commented on that in a recent interview with Complex, saying, “I really feel like the song isn’t that toxic. I feel like it’s more like really honest R&B. I feel like it’s an honest anthem. But we’ve always tried to be honest and I just think maybe it’s never been packaged and delivered this way.”

Stream Working On My Karma below.


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