Listen to the Character Themes for ‘Street Fighter 6’ Challengers Juri and Kimberly

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SF_Featured_2 - Credit: Capcom
SF_Featured_2 - Credit: Capcom

Fresh off the recent introduction of world warriors Juri and Kimberly (as well as their game faces), Capcom has revealed the musical character themes for the fighters, exclusively for Rolling Stone. Premiering live on our Twitch daily show, each of the tracks has a unique feel attuned the personality of the characters. Check them both out below:


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As can be gleaned, returning fighter Juri’s track leans into the fiendishness and playful chaos of the villainous brawler who, after the downfall of series big bad M. Bison in Street Fighter V, is adrift. The track, titled “ÅrachniD**” plays off the heavy bass tones and frenetic energy exemplified by EDM or dubstep beats.

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Newcomer Kimberly’s theme, on the other hand, titled “Ninjastar Pop,” takes inspiration from the series roots with a upbeat, chiptune-laden hook which, combined with hip-hop heavy beat drops, evokes the retro 90s aesthetic that many players associate with the series. The character shares a tie to a legacy character, ninja and Final Fight protagonist Guy, who serves as her mentor.

The tracks for the characters follow previously revealed themes for the handful of fighters that have been officially announced, including series staples Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile, returning contender Luke, and another newcomer — Drunken Fist master Jamie.

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