The It List: K. Michelle hosts a new series on plastic surgery nightmares, A&E takes a deeper look at the Playboy empire, and more pop culture picks for the week.

This week on The It List: Singer K. Michelle is telling her own story of a botched cosmetic procedure, and helping other people recover from their own plastic surgery nightmares on Lifetime's My Killer Body With K. Michelle. On A&E, a new docuseries is talking to women who were a part of the Playboy empire over the years, and exploring Hugh Hefner's complicated legacy in Secrets of Playboy. Finally, Apple TV+ is premiering The Afterparty, a comedy series that takes place in the aftermath of a high school reunion, and Tiffany Haddish stars as a detective trying to solve the party's main event: the death of one of the classmates.

Video Transcript


- "The It List" is Yahoo's weekly look at the best in pop culture. Here are our picks for the week of January 24. R&B singer K. Michelle is hosting a new Lifetime series on the perils of plastic surgery gone wrong. Michelle, who herself nearly died after receiving silicone injections, will help other patients who want to reverse their own nightmare procedures. She'll also share her own traumatic story.

K MICHELLE: One morning, I woke up, and my legs just completely gave out on me. I'm having headaches. We don't know why. It came back that my silicone injections were causing the issues.

- A new A&E docuseries is taking a deeper look at the Playboy Empire four years after founder Hugh Hefner's death. The series promises a look at Hefner's lasting influence on society while not shying away from the darker side of Playboy, including Hefner's controlling nature.

- I wouldn't trade places with anyone else in the world.

- His legacy should comprise the whole story.

- The people who are really there, they're the ones who know the real truth.

- Over on Apple TV+, "The Afterparty" offers up a comedy series set at a high school reunion gone wrong where one of the classmates has wound up dead. Tiffany Haddish stars as the detective assigned to the case, and an ensemble cast joins her to tell their versions of the events of the night.

- Everybody seems to be hiding something.

- What is going on.

- Oh!

- Oh my god!

- We're done here.

- Yeah, but you didn't even know that was fake, and you straight up just chopped off his head.

- Remember that.

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