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The It List: An interactive WWE movie on Netflix, a new concert documentary for Madonna and more pop culture picks for the week

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This week on The It List, Netflix and the WWE are teaming up for Escape The Undertaker, an interactive, choose-you-own-adventure type of game featuring The New Day. Meanwhile, Madonna has a new concert documentary on Paramount+ and Monica Lewinsky is co-producing a new documentary on HBO Max focused on cancel culture and cyber-bullying called 15 Minutes of Shame.

Video Transcript


- "The It List" is Yahoo's weekly look at the best in pop culture. Here are our picks for the week of October 4. The WWE is bringing you a new interactive Netflix movie with "Escape the Undertaker." The horror flick features WWE's The New Day wrestling crew visiting the Undertaker's mansion in search of his magical urn, and viewers get to play along in a classic choose your own adventure style game.

- Are you brave enough to wield my urn? The choice is yours. All you gotta do is join me.


- Madonna is back again with a new concert documentary on Paramount+. "Madame X" features the pop star performing songs from her new album of the same name as well as old fan favorites. And while she may be playing the part of her new Madame X secret agent persona on stage, it's still definitely Madonna.

MADONNA: (SINGING) I bend my knees for you like a prayer. My God, look at me now. Pulled off my weakness layer after layer. Nothing left for me to keep 'round.

- HBO Max has a new documentary on public shaming and cancel culture, and it's co-produced by none other than Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky brings her firsthand knowledge of public humiliation and bullying to the project, which focuses on the dangers of online mobs and cyberbullying.

- Sometimes people think of harassment as one person saying a bunch of things. But what happens when it's hundreds of people saying one thing?

- Come back next week to check out Yahoo's "It List."